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Anxiety / Fears / Phobias

Sometimes the floodgates of our experience are flung wide open and raw anxiety surges in the body like a tidal wave. Sometimes anxiety lives as a gentle rumble in the background of our lives...

Yes, sometimes anxiety and fear comes, unwanted and unexpected, into the foreground of conscious experience, instantly bringing a pounding heart, a racing mind, heat and sweat and tingly limbs, nausea and the tightness in the belly, chest and throat. Feeling like the ground is falling from under us. We feel like we want to run, to crawl out of our skin, to escape to safety, to find solid ground again.

We can become anxious and fearful about being anxious.

Hypnotherapy accesses the underlying root of the problem and re-routes the associated automatic response. You can quieten the compulsive chattering mind and racing thoughts.

Put those compulsive thoughts behind you. Set yourself free.

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