Hypnosis Hobart


Hypnosis is a process involving the hypnotherapist delivering suggestions to provoke changes in your perception and behaviour.
Most hypnotherapy sessions begin with the hypnotherapist helping a client establish a clear goal. Essentially, what a successful outcome in therapy would look like.. questions are then explored surrounding the nature of the problem or goal. This may involve defining what your motivation is for change, and what beliefs you have about the problem.

This is typically followed by a discussion with your hypnotherapist where we begin to define your goal in more depth, and examine the beliefs you have. The hypnotherapist should make clear how they see the nature of the problem, clarify what the treatment approach will be, and what your expectations should be. Your role in the sessions will be clarified.

You are then hypnotised. Hypnosis has nothing to do with sleep or being unaware. It is a collaborative process where your attention is turned inward to your thoughts, feelings and perceptions. You may be encouraged to relax and become more aware of your inner experience.

You are encouraged to use your imagination as you are guided through a variety of therapeutic techniques… some of the time your involvement might feel quite passive and at other times, more involved with specific aspects for you to engage with or imagine.

Through the therapeutic techniques, hypnotic suggestions are defined and established, encouraging changes to occur within you automatically.

At the end of the process, you are reorientated fully. Although it is possible some issues will be resolved within a single session, it is beneficial to follow up with more sessions Common issues such as weight loss benefit from sustained support over time.